Infant Photos: It’s Time

15 Apr

Felix is quickly growing and it’d be nice to capture some photos not taken via iphone and edited with instagram.

I didn’t do any maternity pictures because, I don’t know actually. Although it would’ve been nice I didn’t think it was a must. Maybe it was fear of thinking I’d be forced into doing that hand shaped heart on my belly. You know the one.

Then there were the newborn shots. Missed those too. While it’s sweet to be all, awww, he’s so little. That’s about it. He would’ve slept right through it. And maybe pooped. Didn’t think those were a major must either but now that’s he’s alert and smiling, I’m all let’s hurry and get you discovered. Joking.

I think now’s a good time and I’m feeling way better about me being in some shots too. And obviously Bams and Nora. TH should be in them too.

I’m looking for professional shots with a candid feel. A look that doesn’t come off like I totally planned our outfits and actually changed mine ten times while exclaiming, I have nothing to wear. Something that is telling of how we interact with Felix on the daily.

I’ve pulled some images that I’m inspired by.


lots of kisses


grabbing and playing






more kisses and hugs


This dog totally looks like Nora, when she’s clean. Even though the dogs now drive me crazy and I tease them about finding a new home, they are still very much a part of our family and it’s neat seeing Felix now respond to them. They mostly just try to lick him but maybe we can get them to show more affection.

Now I just need a photographer.

images via one :: two :: three ::  four :: five :: six

Swing Chairs

3 Apr

Installing a swing chair makes you feel like a kid again, a cool big kid.

Guarantee they strike up conversation when guests come over. And I’m sure actual kids will love it.


Don’t be afraid to show that playful side and let people know decor doesn’t have to be too serious.

This one in the neutral color from Anthropologie has caught my attention.

Happy Thursday!

Mid Century Modern

1 Apr

I’ve been meaning to share pictures of this project for two weeks now but every time I think I have time to sit down and right a proper post about it, there are other things on my to do list that take precedence. How do you do it, mothers? How do you do it? And I still only have one!
Not the point. That’s for a whole other post.

Today the focus is on this project I’ve been working on for a young couple who bought their first house a little less than a year ago. They both work crazy long hours so we’ve been working on it piece by piece. There are a few more things to be done to the master bedroom and office but today I’m sharing the living room, guestroom and sunroom.

There were budget constraints but I went a la Tim Gunn and made it work. We pretty much started from scratch, getting rid of most of their furniture keeping their big black bookcase and a few accessories.

They wanted something clean and fresh with a mid century modern feel and color moments.

Here’s the living room before when it was staged for selling.


nothing offensive just baaaahring. Joe and Jane could live here and you’d be like cool. Joe and Jane have no personality. No offense to anyone named Joe or Jane.

Let’s bring in some life though.


A little big more color, some pattern and now we’re talking.


Here it is on the day I went in to check on the paint job, showing some of their existing furniture. They needed a place to sit while we waited for new stuff. Say hi to Mochee, their dog.


Another before shot from a different angle.


I thought the red door was cool and bold so we decided to keep it that color.



niche before

Here it is on the day I went through all of their accessories to style this big bookcase, which was originally on this wall but felt it protruded out too much and kind of blocked that left turn into the hallway. I thought it would make more sense taking up that large wall in the living room where it now is.



guest bedroom before



Client had these wooden pieces you see on the left and I figured they’d make cool art, giving the room this worldly effect. They also echo the nightstand sides.

Adding an ethnic throw at the foot of the bed really gave the room that pattern and color it was asking for.


Sunroom before


aka the party room.

This space was meant to just be a fun room to chill out in and hang with friends. There is complete privacy out back so it didn’t require any window treatments and because so much natural light comes in, it allowed to go bold with color.




It’s like summer all year round in this room.

And that’s it for the tour. Master and office coming soon.

Happy Tuesday!

photography: Bethany Nauert

Spring Wishlist

19 Mar

One thing I wasn’t counting on postpartum was how different my regular clothes would fit. Nothing fits the same. And now everything in my closet makes me mad. This blouse is a bitch. And sad. Why don’t you like me anymore, dress? Even my accessories and shoes are off. I don’t even know my size anymore. I went from big to bigger. I swear even my cellphone case doesn’t fit. I’m dying for updates. But now not knowing whether stuff is going to fit or not takes the fun out of ordering clothes online. Confirming that order always made the next 7-10 days worth living, especially when my two favorite words on the internet were involved, free shipping.

So I did the next best thing and just filled up my cart. Here are some of my pending purchases. And while fedex won’t be making any deliveries to my house soon, at least I won’t need to return anything either.


1. dress – this color is so pretty and looks comfortable enough to sleep in. But the plunging neckline scares me. I can no longer wear something like this without revealing how much support I need.

2. shorts – I need a new pair of destroyed denim cutoffs to replace my old pair of destroyed denim cutoffs.

3. rings – simple and shiny and brass. should be easy but I’m not even certain of my ring size anymore.

4. iphone case – I neeed this. The kind of need you don’t really need.

5. elephant shirt – this has to fit. And if it doesn’t at least it was cheap.

6. sandals – these will just stay in my cart forever.

7. belt – even though my hips expanded, my pants still want to drop it like it’s (not) hot. Love the three contrast bands on this one.

Happy Wednesday!

Bedroom Wall Sconces

5 Mar

If you have limited nightstand space, or if you desire a look not involving the typical table lamp scenario, wall sconces are a great alternative. There’s tons of affordable options but before I show you my picks, here are some pretty examples.


Such a sophisticated shade of green, these coordinate with the rich headboard and almost disappear into the wallpaper. But I see them and they’re a perfect fit for this room.


These were worked right into this gallery wall and look like pretty little earrings hanging beside this bed.


Love the look of this one betwixt these twin beds.


Standing tall, the coral trim picks up the colors in the quilt and trim on the drapes.


High and mighty. Smart light source solution even when there isn’t room for bedside tables.


Here they add a clean, more contemporary touch to an otherwise feminine, glam room.

And now my selection of modern, traditional, industrial, vintage and colorful sconces. Take your pick.


one // two // three // four // five // six

Happy Wednesday!

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