Irene Lovett

Irene Lovett – Principal

designstiles is a brand that developed from the desire to stile your life. What started as a blog as a way to showcase her inspirations, slowly grew into a business. She thrives on creating unique rooms with stylish appeal. She believes design doesn’t have to be taken too seriously and that it’s okay to break the rules. She thrives on helping people express themselves through decor and aims at making the whole decor and design process less intimidating.

Shelby Grayeli – Renovation Specialist

Initially a client of designstiles, Shelby joined the team as a consultant due to her substantial experience as a Realtor and passion for design. She has spearheaded the renovation of multiple homes and assisted Irene with referrals and input with several high-end clients. Shelby is an energetic, stylish & knowledgeable asset to the designstiles team.

Shelby Grayeli

Flavia Rosas

Flavia Rosas

With over a half decade of interior design experience, and a Bachelors of Arts and of Science; Flavia joined the designstiles team in the late summer of 2017. She helps facilitate all aspects of the design process, from preparing furniture floor plans and providing fresh resources to styling and final touches. Flavia believes a home should showcase oneโ€™s unique personality and meaningful treasures.