Instagram is pretty much the best thing to happen since Pinterest. And forget facebook. I somehow get less annoyed seeing what you’re doing than reading about it.

Bravo to pretty pictures. So many great feeds out there. I think I do my best instagram creeping while breastfeeding and find myself inspired a lot.

I’ve been thinking it would be fun to share some of my favorites of the week and hope to inspire some of you as well. Maybe do like a different theme each time. I don’t know, that might be too ambitious. But anyway this time around I seemed to be drawn to landscapes, which would make great art in the home when blown up bigger than iphone screen proportions.

Filter or no filter, these grammers know when to snap a good shot when they see one.


a glorious California desert by anelisesalvo


“this is why people can give up everything to become hippies” said ilovemartine about the image she took.


Orange County beach in January snapped by SmallShopStudio


 Easy for me to say freezing looks so beautiful because it was 72 degrees in LA when sabralattos took this picture while in Toronto.


I guess I like pictures of beaches more than going to the actual beach. This one taken by thisisglamorous lures you in.


photographer GrayMalin takes his followers on #thegreatexpedition through Antarctica. It was tough picking my favorite shot but loved the humor of a beach umbrella by a glacier.

And you can always follow me along here.

Happy Weekend!

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