Branching out

30 Jan

steve gambrel

Good morning, dream kitchen.

On any given day it would seem like branches sticking out of my kitchen island would feel a bit intrusive. But on photoshoot day, the stark white kitchen begs for some excitement. I wonder how many arrangements the stylists went through until they decided on this one? I actually really love it and can’t envision anything smaller. It creates height, brings in a temporary color, creates movement and adds an organic element. I think a different arrangement could’ve taken this kitchen in whole new direction and I like the one they went with.

Is this a thing I’m just now noticing? I mean I’ve noticed it, but now I’m noticing and analyzing.

house of Kelly Klein via Architectural digest

Here, the modern kitchen feels a little more pretty and slightly feminine because of the cherry blossom. For the every day though, I would definitely knock that over. And by me I mean TH.

jonathan adler

More cherry blossom help bring out the pinks in the rug and are perfectly centered as to not block the sofa pillows. They’re somehow also centered right between the two drapery panels. Coincidence?

Francesco Lagnese via Carrier and Company)

Here I think these branches mimic the two end tables.


This room needed just ooone little splash of color and the green helps still keep this room feeling rustically modern.


Tucked in the back you almost don’t even notice it. I think they could’ve been more effective had they been on the coffee table. But looking at this image again, it’s also kind of weird that they placed a lamp that high too.


These branches mean business. It blocks the window yet still lets in light. I mean, who needs window treatments when you can dress them up with branches. It’s clearly the focal point here and had it been empty, I’m not sure I would’ve looked twice at this room. Altogether, this is a really cool, unexpected color combo and interesting mix of patterns.

Happy Thursday!

Kimberly Lewis Home

23 Jan

I often get emails from vendors asking if I’d like to review their products. I can’t always say yes because it only feels right to post about products I genuinely like or would purchase myself. But every once in a while I get that email with the product that totally speaks to my aesthetic.

Cue in Kimberley Lewis Home and her boutique wallpaper and decor site. A) I love wallpaper and B) I love wallpaper. Her selection is super cute and it was really sweet of her to send me a sample of my choice. I chose the Beverley in the Perry colorway because I was inspired by the preppy colors and thought it would be great to pair with some boho elements.

Once I received it, the colors are exactly the way they appear on a computer screen. I hate it when there’s variation and you can’t pick up on it until you see it in person, but this was spot-on.

I was then eager to put it together with items to complement it with in a room board that feels feminine, colorful, a little bohemian and slightly traditional. Polished Boho, maybe?


wallpaper :: headboard :: nightstand :: euro :: sham :: art :: lamp :: dresser :: chair :: rug

Thanks so much, Kimberly!

Be sure to check out the rest of her wallpapers here.

Happy Thursday.

Linens and Lace

21 Jan

Today is a special kind of Tuesday. It’s anniversary Tuesday. My anniversary. I mean, our anniversary. As in, mine and TH’s.

Eight years, you guys. And when I looked up the wedding anniversary gift list, linens and lace are the gift of today. Aka modern. Pottery/bronze if you want to be traditional. We don’t really go off this list but it’s fun to check out and look ahead. It gave me some motivation to make it to at least ten years because diamond jewelry. Ha!

But really, more than looking ahead, today I’m just sort of looking back at the last eight years and thinking I’m so glad I said yes.

We’ve done a lot of growing together and learning from each other and now we get to mix that all up and raise Felix and hope that he turns out to be a good balance of each of us. With TH’s smarts and my sense of humor Felix is sure to find his mate. Vice versa and he might have some trouble.

Joking aside, I can only hope we’re a positive marriage example to Felix the same way our parents were to us.

And now here are some linens because they’re pretty and lace because they’re zexier than nursing bras.


linens // lace

Instagram: A Color Story

17 Jan

This time around, the instagram shots I liked seemed share a similar color. Can you guess the one?


This image is so cute and feels a little Wes Anderson, no?

image credit: joannagoddard


That’s cauliflower, you guys. And it’s growing in my backyard. Or front yard. I forget. This is TH’s doing and I usually tease him about his photo skills, or lack thereof, but I liked this picture so much I actually liked it.

image credit: ev34ev


I wish my desk looked this pretty and neat. I’m always a sucker for turquoise, coral-pink and some sparkle. And coffee.

image credit: theglitterguide


This trunk may have been scored for only $60 but it was that painting that stopped me in my feed. Instagram feed

image credit: emilyhenderson


A turquoise sink?!? Whhaaa? I love the way it mixes with the splash of orange, yellow striped dish towel, soap dish and brass.

image credit: designlovefest

Bentwood and Chrome Rockers

15 Jan

I used a Bentwood rocker in Felix’s room because I loved the shape and felt it took up less space than typical nursery rockers or gliders. Visually it looked less heavy in the room. Lucky for me it’s actually pretty comfortable. Even TH approves and he always thinks I pick style over function. Not all the time.


Here this one was painted white and used with Lulu DK child Skittles fabric

The wood is the affordable Maison Jansen chrome option.


Erin scored an awesome one several years ago and used it in her son’s nursery too.


And you know I’m all about moving furniture around so when there’s no more use for it in the nursery, it can totally also work in the living room or family room.

Screen shot 2013-12-25 at 11.11.15 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 9.08.47 AM

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 8.43.12 AM

See TH, I can be multi-functional.

And speaking of bentwood rockers, see the one I used in this mood board for a new nursery I’m working on over on Spearmint Baby.

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