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Branching out

30 Jan

steve gambrel

Good morning, dream kitchen.

On any given day it would seem like branches sticking out of my kitchen island would feel a bit intrusive. But on photoshoot day, the stark white kitchen begs for some excitement. I wonder how many arrangements the stylists went through until they decided on this one? I actually really love it and can’t envision anything smaller. It creates height, brings in a temporary color, creates movement and adds an organic element. I think a different arrangement could’ve taken this kitchen in whole new direction and I like the one they went with.

Is this a thing I’m just now noticing? I mean I’ve noticed it, but now I’m noticing and analyzing.

house of Kelly Klein via Architectural digest

Here, the modern kitchen feels a little more pretty and slightly feminine because of the cherry blossom. For the every day though, I would definitely knock that over. And by me I mean TH.

jonathan adler

More cherry blossom help bring out the pinks in the rug and are perfectly centered as to not block the sofa pillows. They’re somehow also centered right between the two drapery panels. Coincidence?

Francesco Lagnese via Carrier and Company)

Here I think these branches mimic the two end tables.


This room needed just ooone little splash of color and the green helps still keep this room feeling rustically modern.


Tucked in the back you almost don’t even notice it. I think they could’ve been more effective had they been on the coffee table. But looking at this image again, it’s also kind of weird that they placed a lamp that high too.


These branches mean business. It blocks the window yet still lets in light. I mean, who needs window treatments when you can dress them up with branches. It’s clearly the focal point here and had it been empty, I’m not sure I would’ve looked twice at this room. Altogether, this is a really cool, unexpected color combo and interesting mix of patterns.

Happy Thursday!

New House Plant. Not a Fiddle Leaf Fig.

11 Sep

You may recall this post where I pointed out my dying plant.

Rest in peace.

You might also notice some wicker chairs (TH).

I’m sure I’ve also mentioned how I move stuff around when I want to feel like I have new stuff without spending money.

So I moved these chairs into our living room and when I asked TH if he liked them in the living room, he said, I thought these were in the living room.

I’m perplexed as to how his brain registers green ikat for wicker. I know he’s a little color blind but I’m beginning to think he’s furniture blind too. Sucks he’s also not credit card statement blind otherwise I’d have a different stile house once a month and he’d think the house still looks the way it did when we first moved in.

You know what he does notice? Plants. As in he notices when I don’t water them so when I came home with a new one, he said he’d make sure to keep it alive. I’m in charge of rotating it so it gets the right amount of sun every day. Deal.

Meet my not a fiddle leaf fig plant. Are you aware we’re living in a world where even plants are trendy? Shoes, bags, even baby names. I get that. But plants? Okay fine, but let’s not ever make putting your dog in a purse trendy. Oh wait.

Here’s to plants.

To plants!

Happy Tuesday.

Friday You’re So Succulent

1 Oct

My mom has two green thumbs. I, unfortunately, did not inherit either. Lucky for me, The Husband was born with more estrogen than I was and he loves doing girly things like planting flowers, tending his garden, watering our indoor plants and wearing make-up, in private. I caught him. Okay, I made the last part up, but if it weren’t for him we’d have no foliage.

I like flowers, but I like succulents better. They’re low maintenance and only need to be watered once a month. I think. Don’t quote me. If you completely lack the green thumb gene, you can purchase fake {Gasp} succulents and never worry about them being thirsty. Just promise me you’ll find some that look as real as real.

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend and Happy First Day of the New Month,

Irene Lovett

images via designsponge, real simple and bloomerism, little lovables
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