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The Bowl

11 Jun




At the Hollywood Bowl.


I’m ready to get weird.

And just because, I made a playlist of some of my favorite Bjork songs here. I shared some of her dancier stuff because no one wants to fall asleep at their desk.

But Possibly Maybe is a slow ballad that still gives me chills.


Music to My Eyes: Jamie Jones

27 Aug

Happy Monday, y’alls. I haven’t done one of these posts in a while. I guess I’ve just been listening to the same ole jams. But someone who was just put on my radar is Dj Jamie Jones, who we just went to see Saturday night. Have to thank our friend P who invited us to the event, a night of moving and grooving to soulful house music. For a taste, click this song. The sound of  Nu disco.

I like how the artwork in the living room is a more abstract version of the album cover. Great color combo with a dark ottoman representative of the album’s font.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

room image via domicile

Music to My Eyes: Best Coast

21 May

Best Coast has become my favorite band of the current era. Ironic since their sound reminds me of way back in the day when I used to daydream of living in the 50s.

Their new album came out last week and it may just be as good as their last one, if not better.

No One Like You is a soft ballad that should be played for the special boy in your life. Poodle skirts not required.

Today I did things a lot differently. I searched for home items rather than a room. If time permits, this may be the way I start to run with it. These collages can be pretty time consuming sometimes.

Finding this Bethany (lead singer’s name) side chair  inspired this new idea.

throw pilow // settee // area rug // California print // coffee table // wood bowl // lamp

Happy Monday!

Music to My Eyes: Toro Y Moi

30 Apr

Ah, Toro y Moi, I’ve liked a few of your songs for some time now but recently it’s Blessa that’s really struck a chord with me. Pun so intended.

Looking for some chill ass music? Toro y Moi is your dude.

Give him a listen and you’re bound to feel relaxed.

I’m liking the way the area rug is almost identical to the squares on the album. And the way those folding screens in back mimic the album’s mountains, as does the color in the artwork. The white sofa represents the horizontal white font.

Happy Monday!

Music to My Eyes: High Places

16 Apr

You know you’re getting old when you look forward to spending your Friday night at home making meatloaf. I’d been looking forward to this since Wednesday. The previous Wednesday. I called it countdown to meatloaf.

TH called it a night at 9:30 pm. I’m a little younger and still have some cool in me and passed out on our sofa at about 11:00 pm. Such a rebel.

Overall is was a fun weekend. Fun, if you’re in my age group.

Last weekend things got really crazy for me and I went out. My friend and I went to a show to see that t-shirt band. I mean Blouse (blogged about here). They’re better than their name. Following Blouse was psychedelic pop band, High Places. They were dope. Then again, tickets were cheap and I was happy to be out, so my expectations were low.

This album cover is a little psycho-delic. Room is chic-odelic. And now I’m a geek-odelic.

I think my favorite comparison is that square on that face mimicked in the coffee table.

And what’s not to love about the color combo?

How wild was your weekend? If you say you made pot roast, I’d say you’re dangerous.

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