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Pacific & Rose

9 Jul

When I went to the Rose Bowl flea market yesterday, I immediately noticed these textiles by Pacific & Rose upon entering.

They reminded me a little of John Robshaw, so I went to take a closer look.

Beautiful hand blocked textiles for less. I’m in.

Although I didn’t come home with anything other than a sunburn, here are some of my favorite pillows, tablecloths, table runners and napkins from their collection.

Trés pretty.

Happy Monday!

Draped in Pink

18 Jun

I loved it when Gabrielle from Savvy Home posted these pink drapes (from IKEA!). I immediately checked to see if my local IKEA carried them. No luck. And you can’t purchase them online. Now I’m considering driving 40 miles out of my way just to see them in person.

Until I actually makes the drive, here’s some more inspiration.

Ultra feminocity.

Your husbands will love ‘em.

Happy Monday!


21 Feb

Last night before going to bed I realized TH and I have been dining out since Thursday. That’s way more than our usual Friday and Saturday. And yesterday we went out for lunch and dinner. I need to get me to the grocery store and prepare a home-cooked meal. But I also really need to get me to the gym, but I’m avoiding one of their sales ladies who is trying to get me to sign-up for a free training session which will then lead to a, sign-up for a trainer pitch. She called our house twice yesterday. I picked up the second time and told her I wasn’t home.

Now I’m trying to figure out her work schedule so I can gym it up when she’s not there. Or I can be normal and just tell her I’m not interested. I have a tough time being normal. Maybe this is a sign I should probably just run around my neighborhood to realize how much I love running (I currently hate running). Any advice on avoiding people?

Now on with today’s post.

Two-toned drapes.

Pretty, right?

Zebra Meet My Leopard

31 Aug

I’m all for mixing patterns, but two patterns I would’ve never thought to mix are leopard and zebra. I guess it’s kind of the equivalent of mixing stripes and polka dots.

I don’t typically like to be wrong, but I do make some exceptions. In this case, I’m glad to be wrong about thinking zebra and leopard can’t be mixed.

Now who’s down to mix zebra, leopard, stripes and polka dots? Hello? Anyone? Is this thing on?


Sing with me…leopard on the sofa, zebra on the chair. rawr.

That one’s gonna be a hit.

Two in one is double the fun.

Look how wild I am too.

Had some leopard bolsters made for my daybed and the zebra roman shade has been in my dining room for some time now.

It’s fun times at casa de designstILes.

images via The Decorista, House Beautiful

Cover Up

7 Apr

After living in our house for over six months now, (Time flies. I know, right? ) I’ve finally committed to start looking for window coverings. The best way to go about this task to divide and conquer each room individually. I’m starting off with the dining room because it has the least windows. One to be exact. A simple roman shade is just the look I’m going for. But if only it were that easy. I’ve been searching for the right fabric and it seems like only fabrics out of my price range catch my eye. Not to mention, the dilemma of making sure it coordinates with the rest of my decor.

And along came Premier Fabrics to the rescue. With most of their fabrics costing only $9.99/yd, I’m in fabric heaven. Plus, you can order swatches for only $2, which will allow you to examine the fabric thoroughly before making your entire yardage purchase.

Here are a few I’m considering.

I’m thinking our dining room needs some pattern and this diamond one is high on my option list.

Currently, the room is mostly just gray and white. An added color, like this yellow, will give it the life it needs.

This striped one in the same color scheme as the rest, is more classic but will still create the impact I’m looking for.

This is so not right for our dining room, but look at how adorable it is. Nursery anyone?

So cute for a little girl’s room.

Just right for a little boy’s room. And it’s only $7.99/yd!

A little owl one would also be suitable for a nursery.

And no, I’m still not ready for a baby.

Okay, back on track.

I love me some houndstooth. I’m thinking for a nonexistent ottoman in our family room.

A cool zig zag pattern reminiscent of the chevron pattern is right up my alley.

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