Infant Photos: It’s Time

Felix is quickly growing and it’d be nice to capture some photos not taken via iphone and edited with instagram.

I didn’t do any maternity pictures because, I don’t know actually. Although it would’ve been nice I didn’t think it was a must. Maybe it was fear of thinking I’d be forced into doing that hand shaped heart on my belly. You know the one.

Then there were the newborn shots. Missed those too. While it’s sweet to be all, awww, he’s so little. That’s about it. He would’ve slept right through it. And maybe pooped. Didn’t think those were a major must either but now that’s he’s alert and smiling, I’m all let’s hurry and get you discovered. Joking.

I think now’s a good time and I’m feeling way better about me being in some shots too. And obviously Bams and Nora. TH should be in them too.

I’m looking for professional shots with a candid feel. A look that doesn’t come off like I totally planned our outfits and actually changed mine ten times while exclaiming, I have nothing to wear. Something that is telling of how we interact with Felix on the daily.

I’ve pulled some images that I’m inspired by.


lots of kisses


grabbing and playing






more kisses and hugs


This dog totally looks like Nora, when she’s clean. Even though the dogs now drive me crazy and I tease them about finding a new home, they are still very much a part of our family and it’s neat seeing Felix now respond to them. They mostly just try to lick him but maybe we can get them to show more affection.

Now I just need a photographer.

images via one :: two :: three ::  four :: five :: six
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