Casual and Relaxed

I’m craving change, specifically in the home. I’ve been rearranging again because it’s easier than actually moving and buying new furniture so I get a quasi new look without spending any money. TH said, this is fun for you? Which is what I should ask next time I see him watching a football game.

If I had my druthers though, I would sell (almost) everything and start from scratch. This year I want to simplify. I’m currently loving relaxed, white spaces warmed with natural pieces with hints of color through statement fabrics. Spaces that don’t lack style yet don’t feel overly decorated. It’s a tough balance I’ve been trying to achieve. I’m trying to be less rigid in my decorating and care less when things are slightly out of place.






You feel me?


 throw  :: rug :: chair :: stool :: batik pillow :: lumbar pillow :: ficus tree

Happy Thursday!

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