Toilets. With Black Lids.

Today I’m sharing toilet seat lids.

Who knew such a shitty thing could look so stylish.


When Nichole shared her client’s bathroom, I loved the way the black toilet lid complemented the black walls, tile and shower curtain with bead overlay.

A lot of bold factors and they all just flow so seamlessly. Bravo.

This whole black toilet lid got me thinking.

And looking for more examples.




Each of these rooms feel like they have an extra layer of pop. Not poop.

A walnut finish proves to look just as chic.


I’ve seen this image dozens of times but it’s usually those large antique brass sconces that I can’t help but notice, but now I’m like, oh hey toilet, I see you over there too.


And here I think this walnut colored toilet lid feels very soothing and ties in perfectly with the shelf and block print window treatment. Even picks up some of the browns from the penny tile.

Simple and clean.

Happy Wednesday!

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5 Responses to Toilets. With Black Lids.

  1. I just don’t know. The black is funky and stylish, or as stylish as a toilet can be… But the wood just screams “80′s”!!! My parents still have their original 80′s wood toilet seat and lid in one of the bathrooms and it just makes me feel like I’m gonna end up with a splinter where I REALLY don’t want one. :(

  2. When we purchased our house, I was actually surprised that my husband was so adverse to the whole black toilet lid thing. The guest bath came with one. I mean, he had some strong opinions on it and it’s plain jane replacement was one of the only things he went out and bought alone while renovating. I kind of thought it was cool (certainly looks so in Nichole’s bathroom!). ‘Course I would’ve wanted to replace it with our own black lid, but I got overruled and we went with boring white in the end.

  3. Hi admin,

    Can I request a little request to remove my link from my previous comment please? No need to approved this comment. Thank you.

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