The Stylist’s Eye: Close-Up

My favorite shots are the close-up vignettes. Maybe because I’m nosey and like getting a better view of peoples chotchkie’s.

When I found this image I remember thinking the mood felt so soft and comfortable. For whatever reason I decided to save it on my desktop instead of pinning it. I know. A wide shot of the room.

Then I found a close up of a different perspective and noticed that the wishbone chair was moved up and angled. And they added a blue bowl. I wonder if it’s the same blue bowl that is sitting on the coffee table in the above image? Interesting.

In other news, Apartment Therapy is sharing our house today. Click on over to find out what TH’s real name is. They also featured my home office on Monday. Click here if you haven’t already checked it out. Eeeeek to the geeeeek.

Happy Wednesday!

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2 Responses to The Stylist’s Eye: Close-Up

  1. Just checked out the AT feature on your home. Holy moly girl could you teach me a thing or two about color, mixing patterns and styling. Love every darn bit of it. Highlights: window treatments (love the mix of patterns), painting above the tub (is that one of the ones painted by your husband’s aunt?) and that yellow lamp in your office (wao!). Congrats not the feature and thanks for sharing your slice of heaven with us!

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