Hotel Bel Air

In celebration of our anniversary, TH made reservations at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant located inside The Hotel Bel Air.

I wish I was there now, roaming the grounds. Tucked in the hills, this is where you go when you want to feel secluded. An exclusive-feeling vacation in our own city.

It was remodeled two years ago. A modern twist on old Hollywood, the decor features designs inspired by the glamorous eras of the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

Upon entering, I loved the way the hotel felt classic and sophisticated without feeling pretentious and trendy.

We arrived a little early for our reservation and headed over to the bar, my favorite. Not for the obvious Irene reasons, but because it just felt cool, to put it simply.

Here we enjoyed a few extremely well mixed drinks while enjoying a live pianist.

Large scale black and white photographs of Tina Turner, Cher, Louis Armstrong etc. surrounded the lounge.

Then we walked over to the restaurant where we sat in a quasi-outdoor, romantic setting.

These director-type dining chairs definitely play into the Hollywood theme.

Feels very Casablanca.

View of the other dining area.

The food was…good. We did the six course tasting menu and nothing really blew my mind.

I’m not a food critic, so other than, yum, I really liked that, that was kinda salty, can I have seconds, I don’t think I know complex flavors well enough to dissect the food. I guess Iron Chef won’t be calling me anytime soon to be a judge. I just like eating, I don’t really discriminate. And that’s why I say the food was good. If you want me to judge your tacos, that I have no problem with.

The service was impeccable though. The ambiance alone seals the deal. Seriously, go grab a drink at the bar.

And the stuff I didn’t see, the rooms and other areas of the hotel.


Happy Tuesday!

images via Joe Schmelzer
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