Entertaining with stile: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is near!

I can’t remember the last time TH and I went out for Valentine’s Day. I’d much rather stay home and order takeout. TH usually cooks but I’ll never pass up a good opportunity to order Chinese.

Eating Chinese from a cute little Valentine’s table setting – now we’re talking.

Keeping with the traditional pinks and reds but throwing in some blue for him, that’s how I’ll spin it.

dinner plate // salad plate // table runner // bowl // card // plum tumbler // blue tumbler // high ball // flatware

Happy Tuesday!

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4 Responses to Entertaining with stile: Valentine’s Day

  1. I find it terribly difficult to decorate with pink and red…and hello, I mean those are the *official* colors of this holiday, right??? The mister can’t argue with that (c; Or pink dinnerware. Nobody can argue with that.

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