And A Happy New Year

Sayonara 2012, you were great to me. I’ve always had a thing for even numbers. Despite some times of self doubt, you kept me going. It was a great year of reflection. I think turning thirty did something to me. Now more than ever, I came to the realization of the person I am, and the person I want to be. You made me more aware of the positivity of relationships you’ve surrounded me with. You brought in new friends and molded tighter bonds. I learned from experiences as you taught me to really go for it, my goals, my (extra) small business.

You lead me to a quote that resonated so deeply with me at a time I felt lost: Don’t be distracted by what other people are doing. Don’t be distracted by what you think other people are thinking.

I did this in the past and it slowed me down. I can only go forward from here, so to the new year, I’m taking last year’s lessons and trying my best to make you proud.

In with the new.


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