We made it to Friday. All is good in the world. For most of us at least. Tonight TH and I are staying in and making pot roast. Tomorrow we’ll be tailgating and going to a football game (um, go Bruins). Sunday I’m meeting with a potential new client and will probably just come back home and veg out. You know, just typical weekend kind of stuff. We’ve got our house, water, power, health. Not a whole lot to complain about, if you ask me. Sure I’ve complained that our toilet’s been making a funny noise and we need to get a new one, but at least it’s our toilet, in our secure house.

I think you know what I’m getting at. Mother nature can be a raging bitch and has left people and their young children turning to shelters for a little security.

Monday night I texted Tamra to make sure she was okay during the hurricane. This morning she finally texted me back. She’s fine but she’s been without water and power for the last three days. I think it’s a huge inconvenience if we have to shut off our water for an hour because god forbid I can’t brush my teeth after every meal or wash my hands because I’m semi-ocd about them being clean. Don’t even get me started on power. No internet? My life is incomplete. Tamra updated her friends via facebook thanking everyone who’s reached out and apologizing for not responding sooner. When she wrote, “Electricity and water is minor, as others are dealing with much more serious matters” I thought, amen girlfraaan.

TH and I are donating to Feed The Children but if you’d like to donate to another foundation, click here for a list of others you can donate to.

Happy Friday!

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7 Responses to Helping

  1. our thoughts are genuinely with people affected by Sandy. to our friends in New York, we love you and i’ll se you there next week to hopefully bring some smiles & laughter.

  2. It gives me a sick feeling in my stomach every time I see pictures of the devastation…and then I think about people that are looking at pictures of their hometown or *WORSE*, their own home )c: Awful stuff, thankful that there are people helping and happy through it all!!!

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