Entertaining with stile: First Birthday

The little girl whose nursery I decorated is turning one. Momma hired me to help stile her birthday party this coming Saturday. I loved helping her with her daughter’s nursery so there was no way I could’ve said no to helping out with the first birthday as well. We’re keeping it fairly simple and basing the decor off the same color palette and wallpaper we used for her baby’s room.

Here’s a look into some of the ideas I stole from Pinterest came up with.

The disposable (fancy word for paper) plates and napkins were found at Target and are part of the Mara-Mi for Target collection. The plan is to fill the rest of the party with streamers, pretty flowers and a few balloons. Just enough to make a little girl feel extra special on her first birthday.

Happy Tuesday!

hat image via green apple images


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7 Responses to Entertaining with stile: First Birthday

  1. First birthdays are pretty awesome…one, because your child/niece/nephew/little guy gets their first go at cake (and let’s face it, it’s delicious) and two, if you’re mom, you can do whatever you want for the party because they haven’t learned how to tell you they want a spiderman/princess party yet (c; This is darling, I can’t believe all the cute paper goods that Target has!

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