There’s been a good amount of sheepskin going around and I didn’t ever really think about partaking in the action until I was at IKEA a few weeks ago. Not sure what it was about that trip that made me jump on board, but for around 30 bucks I came home with some faux sheepskin to sit atop a wood bench in our dining room. Yes, the same bench you saw in this picture.

So far I’m liking the softness and texture it brings in. But the best part is, it freaks my dogs out, which, to me, is the added bonus. The cherry on top, if you will. At least a few times a day Bams and Nora walk up to it to get a sniff. If it were any lower they might actually try peeing on it. I like teasing Nora and telling her that’s how clean she should be.

Joy to the day I get to say adios to that carpet. And sorry if I offended your eyes with that ceiling texture known as cottage cheese. The kind of cottage cheese I can’t stir in my strawberries and honey.

Happy almost three day weekend!



images via emmas designblogg, designsponge, atlantis home
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7 Responses to Sheepskin

  1. Ahh, cottage cheese ceilings, or what I like to affectionately call them, popcorn ceilings… regardless, no offended eyes over here! I didn’t even notice the ceilings because there was so much goodness happening everywhere else! I love that light fixture (so much!), and the sunburst mirrors, and of course the sheepskin looks great, too :)

    I swear, everytime I go to Ikea, I debate with myself about getting one – this post has convinced me I should just say yes next time :)

  2. Bahaha! I’m mostly entertained by the thought of the perplexed/freaked out faces of your furbabies…definitely an added bonus to that fab addition to the dining room (c: And I ain’t skeered of no popcorn ceiling (c;

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