Hot Pink Sparkle Feather Leopard

This past Saturday I decorated a girl’s birthday party.

The birthday girl requested hot pink, feathers, leopard and a touch of sparkle.

Here’s what I pulled for her.

A happy birthday banner to put around the cake table.

Feathers in greenery to create the illusion that they too are growing out of this plant.

Feathers in vases for half of the centerpieces.

A basket for cards.

Pink candles and feathers to put around the cake as well.

I took these pictures before the cake arrived in case you’re like, where’s this cake she keeps talking about.

It was a three tier cake with leopard spots on the first and third tier, and plain cream second tier with pink trim throughout.

I mixed in some leopard lanterns along with varying shades of pink lanterns.

I used flowers for the other half of the centerpieces.

These were actually a pain in the ass to make. I have one floral arrangement class under my belt and I start thinking I’m some kind of floral magician. Like I seriously thought I could make six arrangements in an hour.

I even used the grid and my flowers were still acting up.

I think the peonies were getting all diva on me because I was forcing them next to carnations.

I arranged, rearranged, and un-arranged, moved on to the next one, back to arrange and finally my flowers somewhat gave in.

I photographed the best angle.

Then I blinged out the birthday girl’s initial and that’s when the party started.

Happy Tuesday!

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10 Responses to Hot Pink Sparkle Feather Leopard

    • Mine snubbed all of the other sieisss in her preschool class who said boring stuff like mommy or friends and instead said she was thankful for unicorns, horses, and necklaces . Happy belated TG to you and your amazing family.[]

  1. Ah, a girl after my own heart…I want it *ALL*!!! (c: And the arrangements look fab, girl, you really are a magician…and I think the peonies and carnations are besties now, you matchmaker, you! (c:

  2. That little girl has some major style! Love those leopard paper lanterns! How cool.

    And of course your flowers are gorgeous! We are doing the flowers on Friday for the bridal shower…I may need to use the grid!

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