Draped in Pink

I loved it when Gabrielle from Savvy Home posted these pink drapes (from IKEA!). I immediately checked to see if my local IKEA carried them. No luck. And you can’t purchase them online. Now I’m considering driving 40 miles out of my way just to see them in person.

Until I actually makes the drive, here’s some more inspiration.

Ultra feminocity.

Your husbands will love ‘em.

Happy Monday!

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7 Responses to Draped in Pink

  1. I’m in a tough spot now…I really love the pink curtains but it sounds like everyone thinks they are crap in real life…I have an ikea about 20 minutes away, I’m thinking I’m going to have to brave it…just to check it out (c: Want me to send you pictures??? (c:

  2. haha, I was just about to link you up with Design Crises’s post on those curtains too! So sad that they’re so bubblegum instead of pastel pink :(

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