Say Cheese

Hope everyone had a great weekend. The highlight of our weekend definitely had to be the photoshoot I said I wanted to have in this post.

I decided that the best place to take our pictures was in our house, doing what we enjoy most; hanging out with our dogs.

We took lots of indoor and outdoor photos, and today I’m sharing a preview of the many more I’m waiting to be sent to us.

Bams is eating a treat and Nora’s obsessively staring at her ball. TH is looking handsome and I’m looking a little squinty.

Happy Monday!

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18 Responses to Say Cheese

  1. What a cute little fam y’all got there! And don’t worry, my human babies don’t behave any better for photo shoots…thus the reason we haven’t done family pictures in a couple years. I’m totally falling down on the job…you have just inspired me to stop procrastinating and get it done! LOVE your dress, girl…

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