Friday You’re So Ready To Tan

But the sun here in El Lay is so moody in June.

Show yourself!

I just wanna wear comfy summer clothes

and host something outdoors.

Please don’t jip us of a summer this year, okay.

Happy Weekend!

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4 Responses to Friday You’re So Ready To Tan

  1. I would like to second that, El Lay, don’t be a tease! (c: I like “El Lay” that sounds so much cooler…and less pretentious…I don’t know why, but it made me laugh! Happy Weekend, girl, here’s to fun in the sun!

    • El Lay makes me laugh too. Sadly I didn’t come up with it though. I think I took it from Perez Hilton.

      Here’s to fun in the sun…with margaritas!

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