House of Honey

I found out about House of Honey through Arianna. When informed that this showroom was in South Pasadena, I made mental note that I needed to make the 19-mile drive. And when Jami sent me an invite for their private party (two weeks ago, yikes.), I knew it was the perfect opportunity to visit. Fifteen percent discount wasn’t a bad incentive either.

House of Honey is a showroom full of glamorous pieces both new and vintage, including recreated furnishings in unique patterns and an array of accessories, fabrics, jewelry and lighting. I also had a chance to chat with Tamara, the owner, who, by the way, was utterly warm and welcoming. AND she poured me a glass of wine. So humble. But yes, House of Honey is awesome and you should make your way to South Pasadena. For those of you who can’t, you can shop online here.

View some pictures of the store not taken by me. I swear I was there, though!

Here’s one of the items I came home with. A little vintage bowl to place some jewelry in.

this picture was taken by me.

Not only is House of Honey a showroom, but they are also a full-service Interior Design business.

Take a look at some HoH projects.

Oh man, this is like my ideal office.

Rumor has it Tamara’s house will be featured in the next issue of Rue. If this is true and these projects are even remotely indicative of Tamara’s stile, then we are in for a super sweet surprise. Can’t wait.

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