Music to My Eyes – The Just Jack and LK Edition

I received a fairly decent amount of positive feedback (sometimes that’s all you need) from my previous Music To My Eyes post; thus, I’ve decided to make it a recurring feature on my little bloggy.  Maybe it’ll even allow me to look through and organize my old cds or make me explore new music.

Listen to Writers Block, it’s epic. Okay, maybe not epic but I like it a lot, a lot, a lot.

first image via flickr designed by Kelly Wearstler
second image via decorpad
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4 Responses to Music to My Eyes – The Just Jack and LK Edition

  1. Love this idea and yep! keep it on! I find this series so fascinating. It both so interesting to look at the mix you create and give some new and old ideas for music I should check!

  2. That Just Jack album is framed in my office and I’m staring at it right now. Im considering redecorating my office like that.Just kidding but that is a really nice resemblance.

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